• These terms are binding and apply to any use of the services by you and anyone who you allow to access your data or our services. By using our services you and they irrevocably agree to these terms. If you do not like these terms or don't want to be bound, you can't use our services. If you do not comply with these terms, we reserve the right to terminate your service and therefore delete your data.
  • We can change these terms at any time via our website. Your continued use means that you agree to the changed terms.
  • You must maintain copies of all data stored by you on our services. We do not make any guarantees that there will be no loss of data or the services will be bug free. You should download all data prior to termination of services.
  • You can't do anything that would damage, disrupt or place an unreasonable burden on our website or service or anyone else's use of our website, or a service including but not limited to denial of service attacks or similar.
  • You can't infringe anyone else's intellectual property (including but not limited to copyright) or other rights in any data.
  • You can't resell or otherwise supply our services to anyone else without our prior written consent.
  • You can't use our services:
    • to store, use, download, upload, share, access, transmit, or otherwise make available, data in violation of any law in any country (including to breach copyright or other intellectual property rights held by us or anyone else).
    • to send unwelcome communications of any kind (including but not limited to unlawful unsolicited commercial communications) to anyone.
    • to abuse, defame, threaten, stalk or harass anyone, or to harm them as defined by any law in any jurisdiction.
    • to store, use, download, upload, share, access, transmit, or otherwise make available, unsuitable, offensive, obscene or discriminatory information of any kind.
    • to upload anything or otherwise introduce any spyware, viruses, worms, trojan horses, time bombs or bots or any other damaging items which could interfere with our, or anyone else's, network, device or computer system.
    • to attempt to gain unauthorised access to any services other than those to which you have been given express permission to access.
  • You are not allowed to, and you can't let anyone else use, copy, alter, distribute, display, licence, modify or reproduce, reverse assemble, reverse compile, communicate, share, transmit or otherwise make available, any of our code, content, copyright materials, intellectual property or other rights without getting our permission, other than in order to use our services as intended or as allowed under any open source licences under which we use intellectual property provided by others.
  • We respect the copyright of others and require that users of our services comply with copyright laws. You are strictly prohibited from using our services to infringe copyright. You may not upload, download, store, share, access, display, stream, distribute, e-mail, link to, communicate, transmit, or otherwise make available any files, data, or content that infringes any copyright or other proprietary rights of any person or entity. See Copyright.
  • We reserve the right to remove data alleged to be infringing without prior notice, at our sole discretion, and without liability to you. In appropriate circumstances, we will also terminate your account if we consider you to be a repeat infringer.
  • We will try to give you access to our services all the time, but we do not make any promises or provide you with a warranty that our services will be without any faults, bugs or interruptions.
  • Whilst we intend that the services should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it is possible that on occasions the website or services may be unavailable to permit maintenance or other development activity to take place or be periodically interrupted for reasons outside our control.
  • Information on our website will change regularly. We will try to keep our website up to date and correct, but again, we do not make any promises or guarantees about the accuracy of the information on our website.
  • We do not warrant that the services will meet your requirements or that they will be suitable for any particular purpose.
  • We also aren't legally responsible for:
    • any corruption or loss of data or other content which you or anyone else may experience after using services, or any problems you may have when you view or navigate our website.
    • any loss or damage if you do not follow these terms.
    • any actions or non-actions of other people which disrupt access to our services. Including the content and nature of any data that you upload, access or share. The content of ads appearing on our website (including links to advertisers' own websites) as the advertisers are responsible for the ads and we don't endorse the advertisers' products. The content of other people's websites even if a link to their website is included on our website.

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